World Famous Dj Brad

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Truu Scotchy's friend and frequent collaborator, "World Famous DJ Brad", is a DJ, rapper, producer, mixtape host, and beat maker who co-founded the original Legion of Doom DJs - one of the first DJ coalitions.

Born Bradley B. Wells, DJ Brad is a Rome, GA native. He started playing music professionally back in 1995 and quickly earned a name for himself in the Dirty South hip-hop scene. Fascinated by music from a young age, DJ Brad listened to an eclectic variety of music in his formative years, including bass, techno, and hip hop. He also experimented with record scratching and mixing. Over the years, DJ Brad has collaborated with several major and underground artists, including: Goodie Mob, B.O.B., the late Shawty Lo  (R.I.P.), Pastor Troy, Project Pat, 8 Ball MJG, Mystikal, Ludacris Jermaine Dupri, Gucci Mane, Truu Scotchy, King Floaty, and Moby Dick of Beats by the Pound.